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Want to with friends, family or with your colleagues in an interactive and entertaining universe? 

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Discover the world of Quiz Game in Paris

VICTORY QUIZ GAME, immersive quiz rooms in Paris 3 and Paris 9

Have you always dreamed of taking part in a TV game show?

Come and compete between 3 and 28 players around the themes of your choice: blind tests, cinema, sports, video games, history, science, TV series, society, literature, cartoons...

Divided into 9 different rounds, our star robot Quizy will liven up your crazy games, the theater of all possibilities!

Thanks to our breathtaking sound and light system, your quiz game will be a real show, in a supercharged atmosphere.

How does a game go? 

One game, several rounds

In an atmosphere worthy of the greatest TV shows, our presenter Robot Quizy will challenge you to 9 different rounds: Top Start, Chrono Sprint, Objectif Five, Top Chrono, Multiplier, Heist and finally, Quitte ou Double.

Each round has its own rules and special features. They test not only your knowledge, but also your common sense, observation and memory.

Choice of questionnaires

At the start of each round, you'll be given a choice of 4 questionnaires. 

Worried about falling completely behind? No worries, the team furthest behind in the standings will choose the next theme.

The rhythm and frenetic dynamics of our quizzes will give you more twists and turns than you can imagine...

Book your quiz game room for all your events

Whatever the event you're planning, booking a quiz game room is always an activity that everyone will enjoy.

Corporate events: If you want to organize a team-building activity for your colleagues, a quiz game is perfect.

A day out with family or friends: Book a quiz game to have fun with your loved ones and enjoy a convivial moment.

Birthday parties If you're looking for a fun activity for a birthday party, a quiz game is always an idea.

Frequently asked questions

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Would you like to take a customized quiz on the theme of your choice?

With quizy, anything's possible! The questions are completely adapted to your desires!

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